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Being an Insight Exchange Team member is as easy as it is rewarding. Your opinions will help shape the products and services offered by some of the top companies in the world. And, in exchange for your opinions, the results from many studies will be shared with you. Additionally, when you sign up, you will complete a self assessment survey and receive a detailed report identifying your personal strengths.

You can also earn other rewards for participating through our Exchange Points program. Each time you share your opinions with us, you earn Exchange points, which can be exchanged for great gifts.

Once you are a member, we will email you when survey opportunities arise. Please click below to join our research team today.

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Our powerful online assessment tool will identify your natural strengths. You will receive a 15-page report about yourself that can be shared with friends and family, or kept private.

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We will share results for many of the surveys you take part in. Find out what others thought, and see how it differs from your own opinions.

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In recognition of your commitment to The Insight Exchange Team we will be providing several exciting offers especially for you.


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